The histories of coffee processing and Pinhalense have been intimately related in the last 65 years. The small machine shop grew to become an industry that first dominated the Brazilian market and then moved swiftly abroad to become the world’s leading manufacturer of coffee processing equipment. Throughout the years Pinhalense retained its core values, specially a high concern for its clients and their own needs. It is to meet clients’ demands that Pinhalense developed a state-of-the-art technological package that is global but responds to local needs.


• Machines in operation in 100 producing and consuming countries in the 5 continents.


• Cutting-edge technology with affordable prices for small, mid-size and large clients.

• Over 25 patents in the different processing stages, from harvesting to exports.

• Environmentally friendly equipment and manufacturing facilities: less energy, waste and noise.

• Three factories with over 420,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing area, latest equipment and highly skilled labor force of 650 workers.


Clube Employees' Club

Pinhalense - Fábrica 1 Factory I and Office

Pinhalense - Fábrica 2Factory II

Pinhalense - Fábrica 3Factory III


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